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Part of the branding, the website building process is naturally gathering testimonials and reviews and when this came in by Vasoulla I was truly humbled by the honesty and rawness of it that I felt it deserved a guest blog spot on the website.  It also  confirmed the value of a good  honest conversation and the importance of sharing our experiences and not trying to cope with the heaviness of life on our own

Help and support can come from the simplest of places and the most casual of exchanges. A chat with the right person at the right time can shine a light on our darkest days and open up possibilities where previously we could only see hopelessness.

Wishing you light, love and faith always, Maria  🙏❤️

“ Maria will never truly understand how thankful I am that she is a part of my life. 7 years ago I was at rock bottom.. 5 years of trying for a baby, going through a frozen cycle of IVF after the initial cycle failed. Being told by people “it wasn’t meant to be” each time I miscarried or “just chill out and it will happen.” IVF was the loneliest time in my life. No one talks about the process, the mental, emotional and physical strain it places on your life. I approached someone else who had been through it and they shut me down. One afternoon  I met with Maria in Pizza Express and she talked to me about her IVF cycle. She was real. She understood and we could relate. Despite hers not being a success she never shut me down, she was honest and she was helpful and she related. I was so low at this point, I was desperate to be a mum and she could see the pain, relate to my desire and shared the reality. Still to this day when we talk about this day I know I get goosebumps. Maria truly is my life saver. Genuinely the most wonderful person you will meet. She doesn’t sugar-coat things, she’s a realist. But I assure you, you will never meet a person like her.. She listens, I mean genuinely listens. She shares her life experiences, her happiness and her sadness and somehow helps ‘make sense’ of things that before may have been a little blurred.  “

– Vasoulla, a mummy to 2 little miracles !!!! ✨



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