Bringing back balance & clarity to your life

Do you want permission to pause and to realign your goals?

Do you want to inhale purpose and exhale action?

Then step into The Meraki Cabin.


We offer an urban oasis, a space for reflection and realignment that allows you to take the time to reconnect and to be more of who you are.


We will guide you to a place where you can fall back in love with life.

Feel confident.
Be inspired.

Here at The Meraki Cabin, we coach the person and consult the problem. We develop the person and resolve the problem.


From a calming space, we help you navigate the questions, the desire for change and the uncertainties that have been laying the breadcrumbs, taking you back to who you really are.


Because this is your time. This is your opportunity to look inwards – because if you know what’s going on on the inside you can better cope with what’s going on on the outside. You can handle what life throws at you.

That’s exactly what we empower and sometimes challenge you to do. Our method takes the yin and the yang and the structure of critical thinking woven into creative conversation.


Yes, we work in a soulful, compassionate way but we won’t hold back from giving you the honest, tough love needed to transform your goals into reality.

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[may-rah-kee} ∙ Greek

(n.) to put something of yourself into your work.

Soul. Creativity. Love.

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The Retreats

Take the time to unwind and ground yourself at one of our private retreats – both online and in person at our beautiful hideaway in the Midlands.

The Meraki Cabin welcoming relaxed space - Iggy & Lime

Business Day

Escape the noise of daily life with a full day retreat at our soulful sanctuary…

We will come together and journey through the innate steps needed to bring balance to your personal and professional life, the clarity on where you want to go and to understand what is holding you back. It will help you identify where your passion lies and identify the skill sets required for success.


The business day retreat will create confidence in your ability in decision making and problem-solving. It will enable you to be strategic and purposeful in your thinking, allowing you to take positive actions.


We’ll polish the gems already inside of you so that you step out brighter and lighter leaving the Meraki Cabin with a sense of peace and wellbeing.


One day’s retreat, one month of support, a lifetime of growth.

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The Refresh

Let us bring The Meraki Cabin to you. We invite you to peel back the layers…

And feel comfortable in your own skin from the comfort of your own home and perhaps not discuss a problem but that exciting idea you want to launch but can’t quite bring to life.


Our refresh retreat is for when you have less time or geographical restraints but would like some clarity with those recurring problems that keep niggling away.


Whatever your focus we will help you embody the energy of the Cabin and get the Thing done.


Helping you get perspective without judgment or bias.

The Meraki Cabin Retreat 2

The Group
Mini Retreat

Because let’s be honest we miss people! Because it’s time to have some fun and reconnect…

A bespoke yoga package held in our urban cabin creating a warm inviting environment free of judgment and competition, a place to sigh out and breathe.


Our group retreat could be the perfect option for you to join us with up to three of your dearest friends or colleagues for an uncomplicated indulgent and restful retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of the 9-5.


Leave The Meraki Cabin with a deeper sense of connection.

The Meraki Cabin Retreat 3


Our bespoke corporate offering is designed to help business owners and staff build on their resilience, confidence and purpose…

All in a space totally parallel to office life. Big or small, complicated or simple, we will give you the toolbox needed to embrace your version of success every single day.


The Meraki Cabin’s ethos is all about developing commercial success without detriment to personal growth.

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Hi, I'm Maria!

I am a successful business owner with a mindful approach to life.  I’ve learnt the hard way – building and selling a High Street business from scratch while facing my own personal traumas and challenges, all whilst striving to stay true to my inner purpose.  It’s fair to say I got a little overwhelmed, frustrated and angry at the world.


Yet the most powerful tool I found was to pause, to make space and take time to gain clarity, build resilience and, with a little bit of tenacity, create a life I love and which I am proud of. 


That’s why I founded The Meraki Cabin.  I believe life can be kind and serene whilst being demanding.  It can create exciting potential and opportunity for your big, bold dreams.


We offer personal and executive consulting and guidance – alongside meditative practices and  well-being exercises – to help you uncover a balance of emotional and financial success.  Whether you are seeking clarity on your life’s direction or focused support on a specific area in which you lack confidence, we will dive right in in our safe and tranquil space.


The Meraki Approach is creative, innovative and occasionally quirky, but is always underpinned by results-driven hands on practical solutions. 

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Kind Words


“I really found I’ve discovered so much more about myself and that I’m constantly developing my identity”

Get in touch to find out more about our soulful sanctuary. Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, relax and let’s chat about how you could welcome more space and love into your life.

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